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Lightning Decision Jams

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  1. What is working?
  2. What problems do we face?
  3. Prioritizing those problems
  4. Reframe the problems as standard challenges
  5. Ideate without discussion
  6. Prioritize solutions
  7. Decide what to execute on
  8. Make the solution actionable

BP3 offers free 2-hour Lightning Decision Jam workshops (LDJ) which are designed to help stop open-ended unstructured discussions and replace them with a clear process to quickly align team members and find the right direction.

Episode 1

Design Thinking for the Enterprise Video Series

Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4

When to use an LDJ?

  • An LDJ can be used to help a team make a decision, surface challenges, or identify solutions on any topic
  • Prioritizing and identifying first steps on new lines of business
  • Competitive reviews
  • Improving tactics
  • Evaluating Processes

Why use an LDJ?

Traditional meetings are often unstructured, lack focus, and are all together unproductive. Lightning decision jams are designed to get things done. This fast 8-step process helps any team reach consensus on a topic in just one hour.