Camunda Platinum Certified Partner for Intelligent Automation 

Working together to automate business processes, improve operations, organizational agility, and customers’ experiences.

BP3 Global is a Camunda Design, Development and Implementation Partner Delivering to Clients:

  • Hyperautomation which involves robotic process automation (RPA) tools, intelligent business management software (iBPMS), and artificial intelligence (AI), to increasing AI-driven decision making

  • Increased business agility with RPA Automation allowing the organization  to adapt quickly to changing market opportunities to customize existing processes and offerings that increase client satisfaction, business growth, and revenue

  • Improved collaboration between business teams and Information Technology – Robotic Process Automation programs and AI software provides matching technical flexibility, business agility, streamlined workflows

The Benefits of RPA and BPMN include increased IT efficiencies as legacy applications are replaced or enhanced more easily with the functionality provided by intelligent automation tools, AI software, and process design – often integrating Robotic Process Automation into existing applications, user interfaces, and business websites.

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BP3 Global, Inc.

BP3 Camunda Technology Integrations and Implementation Skills

Camunda Platform - A complete process automation tech stack with powerful execution engines for BPMN workflows and DMN decisions paired with essential applications for modeling, operations and analytics

Camunda CloudOn-demand Process Automation as a Service with a horizontally scalable BPMN workflow engine, with built-in tools for collaborative modeling, operations and analytics

BP3 gives people faster ways to get things done.
We streamline and automate the processes that drive everything from customer experience to employee productivity. It’s no secret that companies are riddled with all kinds of broken processes, but the real shocker is that many of the so-called solutions are just as broken as the process they’re trying to fix. To create more successful, lasting efficiencies, BP3 brings more focus, more foresight, and more follow-up to every project. It’s how we’ve achieved an unprecedented 99.9% success rate, and why some of the world’s most respected brands -- such as eBay, Charter, Whole Foods, and others -- rely on BP3.


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Modernizing a telecommunications company using Camunda Platform

Using Camunda Platform to automate customer relations at Keller Williams Realty