“Since BP3 is focused purely on the creation of BPM solutions, we are the biggest users and advocates of this toolkit. As such we have a team of engineers dedicated to ensuring it will work in real world situations like yours. It has to work because our team uses it every day. We will continue to expand and improve its capabilities as the capabilities of our browsers continue to expand.”

Andrew Paier
Director, BP Labs
BP3 Global

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One User Interface for all Your Devices
The Brazos toolkit is based on a responsive UI framework that allows your BPM UI to automatically adjust its appearance based on the size of the browser being used

Mobile UI - It Doesn't Have to be Hard
Leverage each device's built in UI for common interface elements, such as, selection lists, radio buttons, and most importantly, touch.

Designed with Customization in Mind
Brazos' Mobile Aware Controls can be customized through CSS modifications. We have even documented the most common type of customizations for you.

Easy to Install
Integrates into Process Designer in the same manner as IBM BPM 8.0 Coach Toolkit.


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